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High Density Polyethylene bottles (or “HDPE bottles”) are a durable, lightweight, and highly versatile packaging option. HDPE plastic bottles provide a number of packaging advantages. They’re impact resistant, chemical resistant, moisture resistant, and also function well at low temperatures. HDPE containers can be molded into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They may also be specifically designed to either strongly retain their shape or become flexible when pressure is applied. Bottles made out of HDPE generally come in natural, white, or amber colors, but can be produced in any custom color. In addition, HDPE plastic is easily recyclable - recaptured material is often used to create patio furniture, storage containers, automobile parts and more. All of these benefits make HDPE one of the most commonly-used packaging materials, and a great choice for many applications including food, beverage, and household chemical products.

Our HDPE Container Offerings

At Abbott Industries, we have nearly 40 years of packaging manufacturing and distribution experience, and offer a wide range of extrusion blow mold HDPE containers in several different shapes and sizes. Our HDPE container options include:

·       HDPE Modern Rounds

·       HDPE Boston Rounds

·       HDPE Cylinders

·       HDPE Oblongs

·       HDPE Packers

·       HDPE Wide Mouth Jars

·       HDPE Handleware

For additional information on our offerings, please consult the product gallery below. To discuss your packaging needs, please contact us here and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

HDPE Bottles: About
HDPE Bottles: Pro Gallery
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